So What’s The Book About?

Life is a roller coaster and you need to learn from everything, uphills and downhills - from the good things and from the bad things, from things you like and from things you don't, from people you like and people you don't. you know what you want and need.

I've been through a lot of changes in my life, almost all of them were initiated by myself rather than enforced by someone at the outside world.

In this book I'll share my journey with you. Hopefully you'll be able to change yourself as well.

Because Only YOU can change your life!

If I did it, YOU can do it too.


Liron Zelig Words from the author

Daniel Raphael Liron Zelig

I live in Melbourne, Australia. Married to a wonderful husband and raising two amazing kids.

I own a hand-made chocolate business and I love writing about self-help, personal improvement and empowering people to overcome obstacles and challenges in life.