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photo-albumIn the digital age we normally don’t print photos. We travel a lot┬ásince we came to Australia and I realized the kids won’t remember all the experience they had been through, so I decided to print some photos.┬áNot all of them because that would be too much… but rather some of the best photos of each place and attraction we went to. Apparently that’s a lot as well. That’s why I’m trying to print every 6 months or so (which comes out something around 600 photos).
I know it sounds crazy, but after organizing it in photo albums we opened them one weekend to see something, and we had such a great time remembering all these places and the experience we had. We were talking about every photo and experience for hours.
My son said: hey mum, we would have never remembered all of it without these photos.
We forget.
He was right.