What makes you happy?

After dealing with all of our issues in life such as Fear, Challenges, anxiety, let’s talk about the things in life that help us to feel happy or happier than everybody else.

God is in the details

I want to share with you what makes me happy these days:

  1. We woke up in the morning and we are healthy and getting ready to school everyday.
  2. Family time – like dinner together or playing board games in a “Tech-Free day” I am using a technology-free day in order to pay more attention to my own family, and talking face to face is, or even being silly can be so much fun, as long as you do it together, as a family.
  3. Day trip – you pick a Sunday without any activities and you decide to drive away  and enjoy nature with your family, relax, and have fun. (Beforehand you need to prepare homework : where are you going and what you are going to do there, for how long etc. Be prepared with all the info) bring morning tea, lunch, picnic rug, a footy ball and a snack and you will enjoy a day trip with your family no need to look for food or any other activity. We are doing that very often, it’s Fun time!
  4. Making chocolate (and getting paid for it, which means a business )
  5. Enjoying  from meals with friends – Saturdays , sometime we are having friends over and enjoying each other’s company for hours.
  6. Volunteering – you can see through giving you are receiving – it’s good for your soul,  it makes you feel good with yourself, it gives you energy to keep on with your life.
  7. Helping and empowering other people – some of us can’t feel important enough, or meaningful for others and they need other people to help them feeling that way, sometime you just need to look around and give a compliment or a big hug or a big smile, but sometimes you need to sit for a coffee with them to support and motivate or empower them.
  8. Writing books (and get paid for it as well can be nice…) – I love writing from my own experience, about my own life, I think people can learn a lot from each life story they are reading.

Everyone has a book inside of them

(Thanks to that quote I wrote my first e-book : Only YOU Can Change Your Life)

Now, YOU tell me what makes you happy? Just leave a comment here.

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