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Mother’s Day

Today I wish all the mothers, grandmothers,  aunts, sisters and other women in our lives who care for us and love us unconditionally –

Happy Mother’s Day!

I would like to wish you also the ability to walk in this world as a powerful woman.

Dare to dream!  and make your dreams come true!

Yes, sometimes we are fragile and we do need support and respect.

We need community – it makes us feel we belong. We also need each other –  girl power is the power!

 As powerful women, another thing we need to have in our lives is compassion. Compassion for others, as well as a deep compassion for ourselves (most days we skip that, and it’s not ok – so let’s fix it!)

Always look and learn from other people’s experiences.  
We can learn so much from the people around us If we only look. I had the opportunity to even learn from my kids. Sometimes all they need is a bit of sympathy and a big hug (without any words) and we need that too!

My point is that as mothers, We just want the world around us to appreciate our enormous efforts all year round (and understand that it’s not that easy, believe me, but we do it anyway). So keep up with the good work!

Few of the presents I got… 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day!