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A Very Proud Mum


As a parent, you always want to know what your kids are up to at school. If they are talkers, they’ll tell you everything in details. But not my kids. My kids will summarize it as yes/no answers. So what can I do to know more?

Luckily, the school year is divided to terms. By the end of a term I see the reports and some art work my kids made in art class, projects they were working on for the whole term,  special clubs or classes they took part at, poems they wrote for competition I didn’t even know about or some stories they wrote.

Last week was the end of a term. I was very excited to see all of those.

I feel so proud.

Big smile takes place and left on my face for the day. My chest fills with pride.

Of course, the little artists get a huge hug and kiss that no words are able to explain.

And then I hang their work on the walls – probably swapping with previous terms’ art work.

That’s called Nachas! (a the Jewish word that means: very proud and fulfilled).

Here’s a poem my son wrote:

firstsIsn’t that amazing!? 🙂

My Birthday Thoughts

birthdaysoonI don’t really feel old but my body knows its age. Well, at least I can say I’m definitely wiser.
When I was talking to my mum and mentioned my birthday she was shocked to realize I am going to be 35… I think it was not because of my age but because of what it means about her age. Time flies.

I do understand her feelings.
I remember what I felt when my kids were born. I felt mature and ready (although you are never really prepared to that). Now, when I realize that my son is 10 years old – it says a lot about my age too. Not only he is getting bigger, but I am getting older.
The feeling is shocking. Where did the last 10 years go?! That’s life I guess when you are a parent …

Mentally you become wiser every day by each step you take, but physically your body knows it’s limits, you can’t do the same things it did when you were a child.

You are older now.

I don’t feel old. I just know from the experience and changes I’ve been through in my life that I got smarter.

“Life is a journey, not a destination”

I look around me and I see what I’ve achieved. I can tell you that: I am proud.
Proud for who became, proud of who I am, proud of what I did.

Happy with my errors and with my decisions. I chose the right way.
I don’t regret anything that I did.
I chose my way.

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Birthdays Season

birthday-268554_1920Soon it will be here. The birthdays season. My family members’ birthdays span a 4 months period, which basically means the whole family celebrates together.

It starts in June and ends up on September.
Since I chose to live on the other side of the globe, I need to think few steps ahead and send my greeting cards few weeks in advance.
I also need to be practical when sending presents.
I can’t send big presents, I can only send symbolic but meaningful ones and that makes me think really hard and think of really special gifts.

First comes my lovely sister.
Well planned ahead I found a very meaningful magnet that I know she’ll like, together with a greeting card.
Since we are connected nearly 24/7 I found it very important to send the card as a surprise. It always works. The surprising effect is bigger than the present itself.
The message is usually beyond words; wishing a happy birthday before the birthday date actually arrives is like the biggest surprise someone could get. It means you mean a lot to them, because it’s planned and given in advance.

Then comes my dearest mum’s birthday (which I won’t tell you about because I still need to keep it as a surprise).

My brother’s birthday comes a few days later and after that comes my birthday – we will talk about that closer to the date. Then comes my daughter’s birthday and my dad’s and my husband is closing the season. (Only my son is on a completely different date.)
I love to surprise each one of them. Separately. So each one will get his own attention from me.

Distance means so little when someone means so much.

Because when someone means a lot to you – you’ll do everything you can to show you love, even though it’s far away or in advance.