I’ll admit: I’m addicted to chocolate. It’s been like that for decades. Every day I drink 3 cups of coffee, and with the coffee I need something sweet: a cookie, a chocolate, a wafer – it doesn’t matter what, it just has to be something sugary. Most people call it sweet tooth. I call it an addiction.


Lately I started to feel I like eating more of it, maybe too much of it. I also noticed that I drink a lot but remain thirsty. Weird. But after having gestational diabetes twice, I know what it means… So I decided to make a change.

My nutrition had to change, better before diabetes will change it.

I decided to cut my Sugar habits completely. I know it sounds like I’m out of my mind, but the verdict of getting diabetes must be changed – sooner than later.

So I crossed my fingers and started: No wafers, no cakes or cookies, no chocolate at all.

I cut my carbs as well in order to not encourage my body to transform the carbs into sugars.

It’s not easy. But my health comes first.

My nutrition is now based on salads in every format, soups, quinoa with a lot more vegetables, one fruit a day and lots of motivation.
I need to be more organised in order to have all the vegetables I’d want and need in the fridge, but I know I can do it.

Few weeks have passed now and I already feel the change (and even see the it 😊)

The problems I had were gone now. I still feel the need for chocolate. But I can resist it and instead I made amazing energy balls (so easy and so Yummmm) So at the moment i’ll stick to it.

If you haven’t watched That Sugar Film – go and watch it quickly. It’s so important to see it, and it shows you and your kids the huge damage the sugar can cause.

Please, listen to your body, cut the amount of sugar, eat healthy.

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