Why Did I Choose to Disconnect for a Day?

Everybody needs a quiet time. So do I.


And if I won’t get it… I’ll take it 🙂

On weekdays we are too busy with checking our emails, catching up on Facebook, updating Twitter, taking photos for Instagram, or just watching Master Chef or The Voice on TV. It became too much.

That’s why we decided to take a quiet time for one whole day.

It happens every week, one full day with no distraction from technology. The day is Saturday.

On this special day no one is allowed to use any electricity or electric machines like computer / phone / TV. The outcome of it is that the spotlight is on us, our family, and our kids. We site around the table to eat and after that we just talk, play, read and enjoy each other’s company. It is so nice to listen to the kids talking about their week, what they learned and what special art and craft they made at school. It’s literally quality time.

This Saturday, winter came to visit Melbourne. It was raining, so we stayed at home, playing, making a jigsaw puzzle, reading a book and laughing, cuddling, playing around with piggyback’s walk, watching snails on the window.
It was a great day, fun day, just us, with no distraction at all.

It was very special.

Now let’s think what will be happening to the same day when you use technology:

Dad will be working on the computer for the rest of the day, the kids will fight over another computer, or the TV, everybody will scream or cry, nobody will be talking, or doing meaningful things. Only ignoring each other.  So the outcome would have been another ‘busy’ day, instead of quality time / family time.

So every Saturday I am so happy we chose right!

That’s the way the kids feel they really matter.

It might even teach them a lesson for life!

Family comes first.

 It feels so good to be happy

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