BBQ is not just a BBQ its the summary of LIFE

We all want our life to be perfect. We think of it after graduating high-school with “I want to find the perfect profession”, then “I want to find the perfect husband”, then comes “I want to have the perfect house” or “the perfect children”.

Our life isn’t perfect and never will be, but we can manage with our own baggage perfectly fine.

Yesterday when I was sitting on the porch, it was the perfect weather, it was the PERFECT music, eating the PERFECT FOOD, chatting with some family-friends, over a BBQ. Enjoying the moment, it hit me!

I came to this understanding that – that moment was just PERFECT! No other words can describe it.

Sometimes all you need is good health, good food, and good company and it’s JUST PERFECT LIKE THIS! (No, and I don’t think I’m perfect, or any of us …) it was just the perfect moment that keeps us going and gives us the joy and happiness in life! I know that we are all going to look back one day and remember that PERFECT barbecue that we had!

So as I came to this understanding, BBQ is not just a BBQ its the summary of LIFE!

Good health, good food, and good company – are the key ingredients!

After all, Happiness is not about getting all you want, it’s about enjoying what you have.

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