Lessons of Parenting

As a child you go to primary school, you are OK with it, but everybody says it is fun. Then you go to high school and you hate it, it’s harder for you, but everybody says it’s still fun and you are confused. By the time you start university you realize it’s much harder than school but you are willing to handle it. Then you add a twist to it, a job, and you feel life is a bit hard now. You miss high school…lessonsfor life

You are getting older and smarter, you get married and have kids and then you realize this is the beginning of real life school.

At this school you’ll get to learn SO much in a very short time. As a parent, you’ll learn about new feelings you never felt before. Thinks like:

  • What real love is? you thought you love your partner… but there’s something stronger now, it’s being a parent. A tiny creature that came out of you and makes you feel so different.
  • What being loved means – endless cuddles and wet kisses all over.
  • Attention – who needs it and why, or how to give it. You’ll learn through screaming and crying.
  • Support – when to give it and how to help instead of doing it yourself. Sometimes it’s easier to do everything yourself _but_ you want to teach your little treasure a lesson.
  • Being happy (mixed with exhaustion) – sleepless nights and days that your eyes just can’t stay open, and then you get an amazing smile or a cuddle and you just melt down with happiness.

Deep in your heart you are so sorry nobody told you life could change like that. It’s not that it matters, but you’d better be knowing and mentally prepared.

Later in life you’ll have more lessons like:

  • How to get your kids attention,  competing with the computer or the TV.
  • What does it mean to invest time to push your kids education – lots of homework, reading etc.
  • Invest your money in hobbies and after school activities.
  • Teach your kids what family actually means to you.

In fact you are learning new things every day, sometimes it’s about yourself too but sometimes it’s about your kids, your family or even facts you never knew before.

Life is a learning game.

On each step you take, you’ll learn something.

You also get some very high level circus skills later on, like:

  1. Juggling between household, work, after school activities and more.
  2. Magic tricks like “mysteriously” hiding the laundry or wish to hide yourself.
  3. Acrobatics can be helpful – jumping around the living room trying to catch spiders.
  4. Singing and dancing while preparing dinner (if you are very talented you’ll be able to throw some omelet in the air and catch it –  I am working on that 🙂 )lessons

Well, as long as you are happy to learn new tricks and things about yourself, your family and your kids – you’ll be able to keep up and be ready for it in real life!

For those who aren’t in that stage yet, I hope this information will give you idea for your upcoming life. And for those who passed this stage – hope you can relate to this.

Anyway, be optimistic and keep smiling , all the rest will come later.

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