Fighting Overweight

Until I got married, I was always underweight. Yes,  don’t laugh… there is such a thing. My weight was 45 kg. For ages. And I was eating like there’s no tomorrow.

Loved to eat packets of chocolate any time.

Once I got married, I was happy to put up a bit of weight, just to be average weight. We were eating out very often, but everything changed when I got pregnant.

I put up 15 kg , as a pregnant woman “I was allowed”, you know… “I need to eat for two people” (don’t believe that). It didn’t bother me to put on these 15 kg. I was too busy with my baby.

Time goes by and after 2.5 years, I was pregnant again, more weight joined to that (another 15 kg). All together was 30 kg more. Yup. Hard to understand what’s happening to your brain and body in sleepless nights. But that was a fact. I had 30 kg more. OMG.

A year after I had my second baby, I realized my mindset was that of a I was thinking like fat.

I was so tired – this baby couldn’t even get a 20 minutes sleep. So I was eating instead of sleeping… all of my days were around food – what to eat next? what to make for dinner? sugar and chocolate were my BEST friends. All of a sudden I was the one who was boiling hot all the time instead of being the one who always feels cold. I felt heavy.

But I never felt bad with myself, because I never looked in the mirror (having a new baby that barely sleeps – not during the days and not during the nights – what do you expect?)

Until I looked at old photos and looked in the mirror to compare my old me to my new me.I was shocked.

I’ve been sent to dietitian because of sugar levels in my blood test. She gave me a new menu: cottage cheese and vegetables all day It wasn’t enough for me, so I decided to go for the low carb. You might have heard about Atkins. (More details about this one are found on my eBook.)

I was fighting overweight for the first time in my life.

I did it only because my life was in danger. The doctor told me I will be diabetic for the rest of my life unless… I will lose weight. I started to live on salads and no bread, and I lost all the weight. 30 kg. Without doing any sports (not really recommend to do it this way – but that’s what I actually did).

I decided that from now on I will live a healthier life.

  • Less bread
  • More fruits
  • More vegetables
  • Smoothies
  • Less coffee
  • No dairy milk (almond milk or soy milk only)
  • And some sports with it.katif

From that point, my life has changed. Because I decided to be healthier. No matter how fat you are, it’s all in your head. You can decide to change it. #OnlyYOUCanChange

I teach my kids the advantages of a healthy life by eating healthier , making their favorite smoothie together everyday and being active.

It’s not that I am skinny or fat, but I feel good with myself. And the most important thing: it became a habit. Salad is a MUST dish.  “No salad – No dessert” 😉

It’s not that I became a saint, sometimes I fall, but as long as I keep the habit we are still on!

Can I tell you a secret? I know that sometimes we are desperate for some chocolate – I know I am. Don’t be desperate until you get your piece of heaven. Eat one piece of dark chocolate with your afternoon coffee every day and your mind will be peaceful knowing you are going to get your treat soon. It also prevents some heart problems, and more.

And the most important thing is I am happier!!!

If you are still struggling with your weight, let me help. Download the My Eating Habits  file, which will help you monitor your eating habits.

  • Print it
  • Put it up on your fridge
  • Write down everything you eat and drink.

After a few weeks you’ll be able to track your habits – the food you eat more, or the drinks that might be a problem.

Only by monitoring everything that comes into your mouth, you’ll be able to be mindfulness about your habits, and you’ll be able to change things that you need to or want to change.

You can do it, I know you can!

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