Living Far Away

For all my life I was living around my family. But we decided to go to the end of the world, far away ,and living on our own, only because we had to go for our own adventure, as part of that is that you physically leave everybody behind and start carry them in your heart all the time and use what’s up and Skype for communicating in every opportunity.

I know it might sound bad, but it’s not.  Most of the time you manage to live with it very well, we got used sending photos nearly every day or even every hour, for special food we make or eat and special occasions.

But sometimes you miss them a lot.

Some holidays are a “Family” holidays, the whole family sits around the table and enjoys each other’s company. For the last 2.5 years we don’t have it. We even invented a joke about we need “family for lease” just for the holiday.

Don’t get me wrong, we are not having these holidays by ourselves in the darkness – we are having our “new family” to join us. Most of them are friends that doesn’t have their family around as well,  and they are happy to share the family feeling all together.

But we still sometimes miss our family in those big and long holidays.

Today I received a parcel from my family. I almost hugged the post guy , he was shocked. These are the things that makes you happy when you live so far from your family, because whatever is in the box its a reminder from your family who wanted to make you feel loved and happy with an unwritten message “we miss you”. Sometimes it comes with our favorite cookies, or new pajamas, games, books. It doesn’t really matter what’s in there, what matters is who is the sender ,what was his purpose and what’s the outcome of it.

The answer is: the longing family who sends her love and the outcome is Happiness.

Love you and miss you very much!!!






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