Lockdown 2 – Day #53

I woke up very early… 7am.
Decided to make my coffee and start my artwork.

Brought it to the table and started painting… and painting… and painting… I actually enjoyed the quiet time, and this time, I was concentrated on the painting and not on my thoughts.

I just cleared my head of everything.

So many colours… so many shapes that don’t make any sense at all, when you look at them.

I was painting untill 10am, then my daughter woke up and decided to join me, the quiet time was over, but YouTube music replaced it, so it was good.

We were painting until noon.
Until our hands were in pain.
But it was so much fun, just zone out from the world, for a while.

Everyone else were still asleep.

But then when we looked at the bigger picture we could definitely appreciate the colours and shapes. It’s beautiful.

On our dining table there are 3 puzzles and a Lego.
Two of the puzzles are waiting to be glued. Today, we decided to glue one of them.
We never glued our puzzles because we take them to be framed.
When we bought our 6000pcs puzzle we got a special glue, which you apply above the puzzle rather than underneath it.
But we never tried it before…

Today we tried it on our 3000 pcs puzzle.
It seems like it worked. We’ll make sure that’s the case by tomorrow, and if so, we’ll glue another one.

Hoping that until Yom Tov the table will be cleared from puzzles and we might be able to have people over.

That’s light in the end of the tunnel…

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