Lockdown 2 – Day #55

To celebrate the first day of spring, the sun decided to show its mercy and shine on us.

I found myself sitting in the sun a few times today. While I was sitting with my coffee a white butterfly came to sit on me.

It made my day…

School day was as busy as usual, did some cooking between the meals.
After school we had some very successful parent teacher interviews, what else can a parent ask for?

Finished the day with a bit of painting for the soul.

Started planning what can we do on Rosh Hashanah… 2 days of weekend… and before that we still have 2 weeks of lockdown.

First off, I ordered some books to keep us all busy, since the library is still closed.

Second thing, our Fimo set is on its way.

Third thing, our new Lego just arrived… it’s very exciting.

Can’t wait to be busy.

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