My Beautiful Duaghter

I’ve got a beautiful daughter, inside and out. You must be saying exactly the same about your own kids. That’s how we mums are. We love our kids more than we love ourselves and we are sure ours are the most perfect kids in the world.

Since the first minute after she came out to this world, she showed us who she really is: the most beautiful angel face on earth. Smooth skin with HUGE blue eyes that look at you with excitement, she always had this an unforgettable smile on her face.
Afraid to miss out on anything, a big fighter – she knew exactly what she wanted from the minute she was born and very very loudly.

You need to be aware of those things, because when your kids grow up, their characters stand out. I’m not saying it’s bad, not at all. Actually the opposite. I’m happy for my kids to stand out for what they are.

My dear daughter,

I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and to tell you that you taught me a lot. You taught me you have a HUGE HEART, full of love hugs and kisses. You taught me never to compare you to anyone else because you are so unique and special. You taught me to laugh instead of cry when everything spills on the table or on the floor. You taught me that tickling is for everyday. You taught me how to fight for you. You taught me that there is such a thing being beautiful inside and outside.

You taught me what ballerina’s dream at night…

I wish you lots of luck in your life, tons of happiness and joy (especially in dancing) and remember¬†– if you always do your best, you’ll be the best. No matter what the results are.

Love you to the moon and back,


This song summarises it all.


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