Lockdown 2 – Days #37-#38, Birthday Edition

Friday morning, exciting day.

The day before my birthday, which is in Shabbat (Saturday) and because of that I knew it’s going to feel like my birthday is already here.

Woke up early, went to get Challahs and other things.

Walked with a friends, got ourselves a coffee.

Then another friend came with a delivery of sushi, which my family in Israel organised for delivery remotely. I was shocked to know that my friend secretly co-oporated with them. But was very grateful for it.

Two friends brought balloons, cakes and flowers, my hubby came with different flowers and different balloons. Got a gift and greeting from another friend. I was very touched.

Then, there was a knock on the door. It was a delivery guy with a balloon & flowers from another friend overseas.

I couldn’t believe it…

Then my hubby gathered me and the kids at the living room and played a video he made with greetings from everyone.

I wasn’t expecting this at all.

So beautiful! Such a huge effort, with all the songs I like and the people I love.

Then we celebrated with my extended family on Zoom. It was so much fun, my brother and his wife made a PowerPoint presentation with some old photos since I was 3 years old until today.

My daughter made 2-layered chocolate cake that came out soooo moist! Just amazing!
Then a few minutes before Shabbat, another friend came with some more attention… so much love.

On Shabbat, the sun came out. I ate a piece of cake with my coffee, and then I got some greeting cards from hubby and kids. My daughter brought me even more gifts…

It felt great.

Even in isolation, there’s always a way to make your family members feel loved.

Thank you for making it such a beautiful birthday.