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Lockdown 2 – Day #43

I woke up early, ready to work…
As I expected, the dishes were waiting for me, the washing was waiting… so I went to work straight away. Same old Cleaning-cooking day.

Oh, not just… Today was also ‘frustrating day’ everyone was frustrated from something… one was frustrated from school work so she preferred to be on YouTube any spare minute, other was frustrated from me screaming to go back to class… the working one was frustrated from the number of work chats he expected to participate today, I was frustrated to be frustrated again, because of their frustrations.

Well, I actually have my own frustrating issues, like cooking the same things again, and eating the same… etc.

I think we all need to twitch a little bit to get the situation right…
The teachers should do more interesting things, fun activities in order to engage everyone.
Giving another worksheet won’t help, it is boring to sit all day and listen behind a screen (in some cases kids are playing games while the teacher is talking which shows exactly how they are bored).

Working at home is rough, while everyone is around…
And not working and being the cook and cleaner while stuck at home is not fun at all.

We all can agree on one thing, not every day is great, but there’s something great in every day…

Just need to look for it.

Lockdown 2 – Day #42

Today was a total package of a winter day, it was grey outside, raining and cold.
Which means it was PJ Day. Yay.

Everyone loves pajama day, even though we aren’t really getting dressed often these days…
We had a very busy week, so I was very happy to sit in my PJ all day and have some rest.

The mess from last night’s party can wait… the balloons are everywhere, in a day or two I’ll put them in the bin. The washing can also wait another day…
I ‘helped’ the pancake leftovers to be finished.

The only thing that couldn’t wait was that at some point, we had to eat.
Between us, the amount of food we eat when we are all in the house all the time is just getting bigger. Well, 2 days ago I made a huge pot of minestrone soup, so I was partially covered.

Then I decided to make goulash stew, after a friend told me it’s so easy. I decided to take a risk and it was also a good day for a homey food.

I was skeptical that my kids would eat it, and I was surprised to see that they actually ate it all, with some additional couscous.
No complaints, which is a huge achievement.
It was delicious.
I’m very glad I tried.

Then school was over. My daughter decided to try and make mozzarella cheese, hubby went to buy some vinegar and off she went to the kitchen.

I was impressed with the outcome. It was yummmm.

Then, I was sitting with my coffee reading the news:


From midnight tonight, the stage 4 restriction stopping people from driving themselves to exercise within 5km will be removed.

People who have been fined should request to have this reviewed.

Such a small change, that makes our lives so much better.

Apparently someone was listening to our whinging… which is fantastic.

Although the park is very close, 5 minutes away, I prefer to drive up there, do my exercise and go back to my car, instead of walking extra an 1km on a concrete footpath.

It’s also insane to take out your bin out at 8:30pm and get a fine because of the curfew…

C’mon people, what’s wrong with you… use common sense.

Lockdown 2 – Day #41

My daughter’s 13th birthday was so much fun!
In the morning I brought home balloons I ordered in advance, came back just when online school started.
Made fancy hot chocolate with some marshmallow inside.
She was so happy.

Made the new trend cloud bread for her…
For lunch, we picked up her favourite meal from her favourite restaurant.
Then gave her the first present.
Which was a gel eye mask with golden glitter.

This eye mask you can heat and put in the freezer. (Helps for bad migraines and good sleep)
She loved it.
The school was over then we celebrated on zoom with the family.
They send her a present and some greetings.

Then we had our own party with glow in the dark theme.
I was lucky to prepare everything before the lockdown started…
I had to hide everything without been noticed.
She is kind of a child that notices everything, she’s also snooping around…

But this time, she didn’t.

We put special glow in the dark nail polish, glow face paint- she decorated our faces with some funny mustaches etc, it made us laugh so hard… I had more accessories with lights and of course the UV light. We put some music on and danced for some time.

We took a break, gave her our presents.
Then we made dinner had a ‘cake’ made out of pancakes.
I was exhausted.
She didn’t want it to end….

I know I am crazy… but this time, I am so grateful we had the opportunity to make a memorable birthday for her, although we are stuck at home.

I’m so glad sometimes, only sometimes, I am so organised that it surprises me as well.

Lockdown 2 – Day #40

I woke up early to do my weekly shopping.
Then on my way back, I crossed the road and went to pick up some strawberries seedlings that a friend decided to share with me. So nice of her…
I thought I am getting 2-3 seedlings, but she ended up giving me 20… OMG! I was so grateful. So I planted 8 of them (there isn’t a lot of room in my veggie patch) and sent the rest to my sisters…
Later on, when hubby went to donate plasma, he dropped off the strawberries seedlings and some cake.

It is so important to be kind to each other.
These things can make the day for someone.

I’m also very excited to pick my own strawberries and I hope it will happen very soon.

Today was a mid-term break for my daughter. So we had a chance to have a fun day.

We decided to give away some toys and games that were lying around with no use. Especially in those crazy times.
So we took a clear plastic box, decorated it and wrote ‘Take me’ on it. We put it outside, on the nature strip. In the box we put all the things we wanted to give away, hoping someone would enjoy the games and toys…

My daughter’s birthday is coming tomorrow… so she decided to straightened our hair for the occasion.

I can’t wait for tomorrow… very exciting!

Lockdown 2 – Day #39

After I was spoiled the last couple of days, Sunday morning I thought oh well, it’s probably over.
But I was wrong.
My daughter woke up earlier than expected and told me to stay in bed…
She made a special coffee, and beautiful breakfast and brought it to me, in bed.
It was so delicious.

Then she made a face mask for me pedicure manicure and also surprised me with my last present for this year…
Foot massager, Wowwww!!!

What a surprise!!!

So much fun, It was the best ISO-birthday !!!

Because of the lockdown, I wasn’t expecting anything, but I’m so lucky, I got it all!!

Now, it was time for me to snap out of this and do piles of washing & make lunch.

Back to real life…

Lockdown 2 – Days #37-#38, Birthday Edition

Friday morning, exciting day.

The day before my birthday, which is in Shabbat (Saturday) and because of that I knew it’s going to feel like my birthday is already here.

Woke up early, went to get Challahs and other things.

Walked with a friends, got ourselves a coffee.

Then another friend came with a delivery of sushi, which my family in Israel organised for delivery remotely. I was shocked to know that my friend secretly co-oporated with them. But was very grateful for it.

Two friends brought balloons, cakes and flowers, my hubby came with different flowers and different balloons. Got a gift and greeting from another friend. I was very touched.

Then, there was a knock on the door. It was a delivery guy with a balloon & flowers from another friend overseas.

I couldn’t believe it…

Then my hubby gathered me and the kids at the living room and played a video he made with greetings from everyone.

I wasn’t expecting this at all.

So beautiful! Such a huge effort, with all the songs I like and the people I love.

Then we celebrated with my extended family on Zoom. It was so much fun, my brother and his wife made a PowerPoint presentation with some old photos since I was 3 years old until today.

My daughter made 2-layered chocolate cake that came out soooo moist! Just amazing!
Then a few minutes before Shabbat, another friend came with some more attention… so much love.

On Shabbat, the sun came out. I ate a piece of cake with my coffee, and then I got some greeting cards from hubby and kids. My daughter brought me even more gifts…

It felt great.

Even in isolation, there’s always a way to make your family members feel loved.

Thank you for making it such a beautiful birthday.

Lockdown 2 – Day #36

Thursday routine is cleaning and cooking day. this Thursday wasn’t different. although tomorrow is my birthday I decided to cook anyway.
So in between school assignments, I made a Shepard pie, Liver with caramelized onions and noodles with sauteed veggies.
I think the cooking became a therapy for me…

I turn on the music in my head (because my daughter is close to the kitchen, studying, so I can’t turn it on for real)

Mmmmm, maybe we are on to
something, Cooking therapy can heal your soul with cooking special foods, making a mess, and then cleaning it.
It can also be called the new kitchen multitasking – put a toast in the toaster, make the noodles in the meantime cut the veggies, spread the butter on the toast, put the veggies in the pan.
Wait! I think it’s not even multitasking but juggling.

My son juggles 4 balls at a time, it looks hard most times when I see his tricks…
2 balls go up while 2 goes down… or 3 in one direction the 4th jumps up and down.
Now I get it, I am actually doing the same with cooking.
News flash! I’m juggling in the kitchen.

And enjoying it!

Lockdown 2 – Day #35

Birthday thoughts
In the year 2020, I become 40.
That sounds really cool.
But COVID has actually ruined my plans to go overseas and celebrate with my extended family, instead we are at home together for a long time.
Celebrating on zoom.
It means a lot of together time that I appreciate very much, but
I think only those funny times we’ll remember forever.

How can you surprise someone when you aren’t going anywhere? Or when you are limited in 5km?
Well, we find ways to be creative and I mean very creative…
Which is good, but not enough, I think.
So yesterday I was told go for a walk for 20 minutes, I didn’t feel like it so I was in the back yard walking and doing some exercise while talking to my friends on the phone…

I know they are doing something, but it’s too hard when I sniff around all the time.

Then, made dinner with my daughter. Garlic Foccacia with capsicum, tomatoes, mushroom fetta cheese additional to eggs and salad.

It was delicious.

For dessert, she made chocolate cubes soooo yum! Made out of condensed milk and cocoa powder.
I don’t know where sh’s getting those ideas, but I’m loving it!

I am so grateful for this amazing chef I’ve got.
Not just that’s boring to cook all the time, sometimes you need to very creative.

Creative again?!

Yeah, what’s wrong with that!?

I think, this year will bring out so much creativity to the world that it can be fantastic.

Lockdown 2- Day #34

Yesterday was a normal day.

Can you please summarise what’s normal? I can’t, with the fact that we are stuck at home for 5 months, nothing is normal anymore…

It’s not happening just to you, you know!

Some of us can’t sleep, Some of us just anxious, some of us scared, some of us use emotional eating. Each one of us takes this situation differently.

But we need to remember this isn’t going to stay forever, and we’ll laugh about it.

Yes, we all feel we are going crazy.

That’s why this year for my 40th birthday, which is coming in a few days, I would like to donate to the Mental health Foundation because we all try to be sane in these days of insanity.


Please help me to get to my goal…

And help them to help all of us!

Lockdown 2- Day #33

Mum in lockdown, is a super mum.

Being a mum is not an easy task. In particular when you are in lockdown.
Its to get up every morning and wake up the kids with a smile.
Although they refuse to move… Try for an hour… and still smile.

To be a mum is to embrace a child who is having a hard time.
To empower, support, and assist when they need it.
To get them to sit outside in the sun with their laptops, or sing and dance in the back yard.

To cook their meals and in the middle of that help them finish an assignment then let them eat in the middle of class because the food smells great, do their washing, and beg them to put it back in their cupboards on their lunchtime.
Teach them manners and how to help others, and how to wash the dishes because they live at home and can give a hand.

Sometimes you’ll get slammed doors and tears, it’s ok to be frustrated but still, get hugs and kisses.

To be a mum is to look the child in the eye, and say, you love.
To be a mum is to art & craft whenever they feel like it.
To help them finish their homework on time or study for a test.
Play games, do puzzles or watch the tricks they just learned.

To push them to exercise even if you don’t feel like, and do it with them…
To fight for the headphones, and find out you have more than you need, but the internet is too slow.
Teach them to be proud & happy with themselves because they survived.
To watch a family movie on weekdays.

It’s getting up every morning and starting the job all over again.
It never stops.

To be a mum is to see, to feel, and care for each child.

But being a super mum is not getting tired of doing all of this.

To be a mum is to give the heart & the soul and get so much more in return …