Lockdown 2 – Day #40

I woke up early to do my weekly shopping.
Then on my way back, I crossed the road and went to pick up some strawberries seedlings that a friend decided to share with me. So nice of her…
I thought I am getting 2-3 seedlings, but she ended up giving me 20… OMG! I was so grateful. So I planted 8 of them (there isn’t a lot of room in my veggie patch) and sent the rest to my sisters…
Later on, when hubby went to donate plasma, he dropped off the strawberries seedlings and some cake.

It is so important to be kind to each other.
These things can make the day for someone.

I’m also very excited to pick my own strawberries and I hope it will happen very soon.

Today was a mid-term break for my daughter. So we had a chance to have a fun day.

We decided to give away some toys and games that were lying around with no use. Especially in those crazy times.
So we took a clear plastic box, decorated it and wrote ‘Take me’ on it. We put it outside, on the nature strip. In the box we put all the things we wanted to give away, hoping someone would enjoy the games and toys…

My daughter’s birthday is coming tomorrow… so she decided to straightened our hair for the occasion.

I can’t wait for tomorrow… very exciting!

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