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Lockdown 2- Day #33

Mum in lockdown, is a super mum.

Being a mum is not an easy task. In particular when you are in lockdown.
Its to get up every morning and wake up the kids with a smile.
Although they refuse to move… Try for an hour… and still smile.

To be a mum is to embrace a child who is having a hard time.
To empower, support, and assist when they need it.
To get them to sit outside in the sun with their laptops, or sing and dance in the back yard.

To cook their meals and in the middle of that help them finish an assignment then let them eat in the middle of class because the food smells great, do their washing, and beg them to put it back in their cupboards on their lunchtime.
Teach them manners and how to help others, and how to wash the dishes because they live at home and can give a hand.

Sometimes you’ll get slammed doors and tears, it’s ok to be frustrated but still, get hugs and kisses.

To be a mum is to look the child in the eye, and say, you love.
To be a mum is to art & craft whenever they feel like it.
To help them finish their homework on time or study for a test.
Play games, do puzzles or watch the tricks they just learned.

To push them to exercise even if you don’t feel like, and do it with them…
To fight for the headphones, and find out you have more than you need, but the internet is too slow.
Teach them to be proud & happy with themselves because they survived.
To watch a family movie on weekdays.

It’s getting up every morning and starting the job all over again.
It never stops.

To be a mum is to see, to feel, and care for each child.

But being a super mum is not getting tired of doing all of this.

To be a mum is to give the heart & the soul and get so much more in return …