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Lockdown 2 – Day #42

Today was a total package of a winter day, it was grey outside, raining and cold.
Which means it was PJ Day. Yay.

Everyone loves pajama day, even though we aren’t really getting dressed often these days…
We had a very busy week, so I was very happy to sit in my PJ all day and have some rest.

The mess from last night’s party can wait… the balloons are everywhere, in a day or two I’ll put them in the bin. The washing can also wait another day…
I ‘helped’ the pancake leftovers to be finished.

The only thing that couldn’t wait was that at some point, we had to eat.
Between us, the amount of food we eat when we are all in the house all the time is just getting bigger. Well, 2 days ago I made a huge pot of minestrone soup, so I was partially covered.

Then I decided to make goulash stew, after a friend told me it’s so easy. I decided to take a risk and it was also a good day for a homey food.

I was skeptical that my kids would eat it, and I was surprised to see that they actually ate it all, with some additional couscous.
No complaints, which is a huge achievement.
It was delicious.
I’m very glad I tried.

Then school was over. My daughter decided to try and make mozzarella cheese, hubby went to buy some vinegar and off she went to the kitchen.

I was impressed with the outcome. It was yummmm.

Then, I was sitting with my coffee reading the news:


From midnight tonight, the stage 4 restriction stopping people from driving themselves to exercise within 5km will be removed.

People who have been fined should request to have this reviewed.

Such a small change, that makes our lives so much better.

Apparently someone was listening to our whinging… which is fantastic.

Although the park is very close, 5 minutes away, I prefer to drive up there, do my exercise and go back to my car, instead of walking extra an 1km on a concrete footpath.

It’s also insane to take out your bin out at 8:30pm and get a fine because of the curfew…

C’mon people, what’s wrong with you… use common sense.

Day #54

It’s hard to believe that another week just past.

The sun was shining again, which is fantastic. I water the garden and my orange tree looked very happy with so many green oranges, also the veggie patch the seedlings are growing quickly.

Today I did some shopping online and I realized, I kind of like to do shopping. (Really?!)

Yes, it’s a need but also fun, maybe it’s better to do it online rather than go to Chadstone and waste the whole day finding nothing.

That, I don’t like.

Well, only if you know what you need… in this case Thank God my kids grew out of their winter clothes.
Hoping by the time they will need to go to school they will have something to wear.
Or they will go in PJ’s… 🙂