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Lockdown 2 – Day #4

What a productive day!

Woke up in the morning and finally finished the jigsaw puzzle.

Finished my first online course.

Went for a walk with a friend.

With the assistance of my kids, we organised the pantry.

Re-organised bathroom cupboard.

Wanted to feel the beach so we decided to make a Shelley art.

I decided to make a list of places I want to go after this pandemic is over.


My list is getting so much longer…

Unfortunately we have a bit more time until we’ll be able to travel,at least I’ll be ready with my bucket list.

Lockdown 2 – Days #2-#3

On Friday I was exhausted from the long week and I had to rest.

So I delegated Shabbat meal making, which put the boys in the kitchen.

They made it! For the first time ever, I wasn’t standing in the kitchen at all (they got food preparing instructions of my daughter).

The food came out just perfect without me.
They got the credit for it.

Most of the next day was raining… we played our new Blokus game, which is just a brilliant and perfect game for the 4 of us to play together and each game is not very long, which is great.

Later on, socks matching game was very useful, we managed to find pairs to most of those lonely socks.

One empty basket with one very happy mum.

Lockdown 2 – Day #1

Thursday is always a surprising day…
Cleaning & Cooking day.

After standing most of the day to cook and clean, this lockdown, I decided, won’t be the same.

Each day I will do something for myself.
Something for me.

Even if it’s a small thing like going for a walk, Read a book or watch a movie.
Most days we take care of our family members first then we find the time for us.
We are the last to take care of ourselves.
Is that normaĺ? No.
It’s not good.
We need to take care of ourselves first, in order to have the energy to do that for others…

Most of us won’t be able to follow that statement.
Maybe it’s how we were built… full of guilt.
We are strong and tough. But we can’t take care of ourselves first.
Maybe we only get smarter when we get older.

Anyway, let’s start taking care of ourselves first.
For once, let us all be the first.
We can do it.
One step at a time.

I started today!

You can do it too.

Lockdown 2 – Day #0

Since tonight, a new lockdown is starting to take place and I had 24 hours to think about it…

After I hit it hard last time, I decided to use the time wisely this time. This lockdown can be a second chance to be more optimistic (yes, it’s possible…)

And to find my best self.

It’s not that I wasn’t good, but we can always improve. We all need to do that sometimes.

I came across a few people who made me do some good deeds today, which made me feel so good, so I know I’m on the right way.

Bring it on lockdown #2! (With pink mask, rainbow & unicorn)

Lockdown 2

A few days ago I could feel it’s coming…

I didn’t want to believe it, But I could feel it.

I could see it on the empty shelves in the supermarket…

Deep down I knew, it’s coming…

The rising numbers, a few suburbs lockdown…

Today, it got to me.

I heard it with my own ears.



No school again, no freedom, no friends

Just emptiness.

So sad.

I can’t seem to get used to it…

Like everyone, I really wanted this to be over…

I suspect we have a bit more time until that day will come.

All we can do is go back to scrabble.

Stay home – Stay safe!

Day #89 – Second Wave?

I thought that pandemic was over… unfortunately not yet.
After easing the restrictions in the last couple of weeks, now we are going back to max 5 guests at home…

It’s so sad that people are not following guidelines and going out sick… going to protest in the city… c’mon… look around you… we have to keep Australia safe!

It’s all for one & one for all…

When I heard we are going backwards, it took me by surprise…

I was very upset, so I went to make a cheese Lotus cake! That worked, for now … 🙂

We already miss seeing people for a while, and now we are going 2 steps back.
Won’t even mention going on holiday or overseas…

We desperately need this to be over.
Please be rational and kind to each other and follow social distancing guidelines as needed.

Day #79

It’s has been a while… another 18 days past while self-isolation is still on.
only yesterday the kids went back to school.

Yayyyy! What a happy day… I couldn’t believe that day has arrived.
I put my music on all day.
I enjoyed listening to the silence with my coffee.
I felt free for a minute…

Until I had to finish the washing… SUCH AS LIFE…

3 months of lockdown is kind-of-over.
What did we get out of this?

We learned to cook more, eat more and shop more (online)
We learned some new cooking ideas, some new baking trials.

But not just…

We learned to appreciate family, freedom.
We learned to enjoy the little things sunshine, walking, even board games, and puzzles.
We missed meeting people, socializing, having normal conversation that is not about what to cook or when are we going to eat.

We learned to be positive, to find good things in each day,
We learned to be more creative with our kids with unusual activities.
We learned how to refresh our Judaism with games and activities at home.
We learned to use more technology like zoom, Telehealth and taught our family members to use scribble.io and chess online to play with grandkids.

Those times will be written in history pages.
So we better remember it as these times that we come out smarter & stronger.

If you read until now… I really would like to thank you so much for taking part in my self-isolation / COVID19 journey.

Now, back to kind-of-normal life.

Jerusalem, If I forget you…

The year was 1998.

I was 18 when I left my parents’ house with a huge bag (much bigger than me) and moved to live in Jerusalem for one year.

What an exceptional experience it was.

I did my national service in Shaare Zedek hospital, enjoyed every minute of it.

It’s the first time I lived in dorms, all 120 like me, shared a building with the nurses.
I shared a room with 3 more girls, I learned the advantage and disadvantages of that very quickly.

Good friendships came out of it.

It was the first time I learned so much, from a very close look, about hospitals, blood tests, delivering babies, surgeries, doctors, and nurses.
I gained so much knowledge in that year that it actually helped me later In life.

It was the first time the western wall and the old city were part of our weekly visit, Besides Cafe Rimon, the Shuk and a few more places.
I love this city at night…

Hopefully we’ll be able to go to visit real soon.

Day #60

I think today was just a breaking point.

Had to juggle between online schooling, shopping & cooking.
Normally I do the shopping on Wednesday in order to be ready for the cooking on Thursday. But for some gluey reason (read yesterday’s post if you don’t understand what I’m talking about) that didn’t happen, so I had to do it all together on the same day.

It’s doable…
But sometimes it seems that no one is paying attention to what I’m doing around the house until there’s nothing to eat in the fridge, or until there are no snacks in the cupboard or even sometimes until they don’t have undies to wear…

Obviously we are the see-through-people… like ghosts, just in the real world. People whom no one is paying attention to.
Like the people who clean the street, or the mailman. Unfortunately. As long as they are doing their job, no one is paying attention. Over time I learned to acknowledge their work, smile, have a small talk and even thank them although it’s their ‘job’.

It’s like when I went shopping today I saw a street cleaner who cleaned an illegal graffiti near my parking lot. I thanked him not just because the wall is much nicer without
graffiti, but mainly because his work needs to be acknowledged and he needs to be seen.

I wish more people would pay attention to the people behind the scenes…

Everyone wants to feel appreciated From time to time.

Even us, mums.

(And not just on mother’s day)

Day #59

After last night’s thunderstorm, I woke up at 5am, too early, but stayed in bed until 8am.

Then, school started, but I didn’t have time to blink and I was called for help…
The main assignment today was paper mache. The one and only mess I really don’t like. I’ll tell you why: Glue going all over is not my cup of tea. Only this thought made me sick.

The decision was making a sausage dog.

Started by sculpturing the skeleton, then making the glue part and covering the skeleton. Each part separately.

You just had to see my daughter’s face to see she’s having a ball… I didn’t feel the same though 🙂

All I Could do is try to clean up a bit between the stages and the glue drops that left marks of the bench, on the floor & on the table.
For her, art is the best therapy she could ask for.
For me, it was just a mess needs to be cleaned.

Everything in life is about perception.