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Day #58

Sometimes I think my kids are the most fussy kids on Earth when it comes to what they eat.

My son, since he was a baby, never ate potatoes at all unless it’s chips.

For years, both my kids loved chicken soup. We learned to live with it. He would always leave the potato in the bowl and eat all the rest. Fair enough…

Two years ago he started to love minestrone soup in a way he eats all the vegetables including the potatoes… which is very interesting, because he can’t be bothered to “fish” the potatoes, but my daughter can’t stand it, she would eat other soups.

Yesterday we finished a big pot of minestrone soup so I decided to refresh our menu a bit… I made tomatoes soup with rice, similar colours (btw my son loves rice, my daughter won’t touch it). That’s how I cook, always 2 kinds of sides, 2 options, one for him and one for her.

And I also made a chicken soup, just in case…

To my surprise, my son didn’t even try the new soup. My daughter played safe with the chicken soup. Only the adults loved it. Its delicious!

I think being in isolation made the food a bigger issue than what it should be, because we are at home, and all we think about is eating… (I won’t even bother you with stories about meat.)

I think I’m ready to make lunch box again.
Maybe I should start practicing…

Day #57

Today , I dared to look at the calendar, after a while that I was going with flow of this pandemic and it’s consequences.
I was in total shock to see that Shavuot is actually next week.
Normally, I’m so organised. Not this time though…
To digest the shock, I went for a walk around the block. It helped me to think quickly and enjoy the sun.

I want you to understand, this is the best Chag on earth.
I just LOVE dairy products, all kinds of cheese, and cream, and cheesecake. Omg just heaven. The problem is that I’m not allowed to eat it so much due to lactose intolerance but once a year I’m going wild, for me., there’s a price that comes with it. But once a year I just eat it all. And enjoy it.

So, after i realized my favourite holiday is coming so fast,and I’m not ready for it… I sat down to search up what I’m going to cook this year.

It must be Different. Unique &Exciting.
It’s already is very exciting.
I didn’t finalized the menu yet, But at least I started…

Day #56

Yesterday was a “Stay in bed ” day, following a sleepless night.

I think I got my energy levels back up after last nights’ very good sleep.

Day #55 – Lockdown

Like every Shabbat, we all slept in.

I woke up & had my coffee in the quiet. Moved on to do more of my puzzle, it’s actually getting bigger and fuller. Played some Dobble games, the boys played table tennis and then chess.

It was such a beautiful day outside. The sun was warm, so after lunch we decided to walk to the park and enjoy the moment.

We walked around the park, met some friends, the kids met their friends. It was so much fun to see everyone.

After 2 Hours or so we came back home exhausted but very happy.

Day #54

It’s hard to believe that another week just past.

The sun was shining again, which is fantastic. I water the garden and my orange tree looked very happy with so many green oranges, also the veggie patch the seedlings are growing quickly.

Today I did some shopping online and I realized, I kind of like to do shopping. (Really?!)

Yes, it’s a need but also fun, maybe it’s better to do it online rather than go to Chadstone and waste the whole day finding nothing.

That, I don’t like.

Well, only if you know what you need… in this case Thank God my kids grew out of their winter clothes.
Hoping by the time they will need to go to school they will have something to wear.
Or they will go in PJ’s… 🙂

Day #52-53

Yesterday I had my quick coffee in front of the computer, had a few urgent things to do… it took me a while.

Once I saw the sun was out, I decided to eat my lunch outside and enjoy receiving some vitamin d.
The sun was nice and warm, but by the time I finished my lunch, it was gone… shame.

I miss the hot days, maybe because it’s really cold lately, not just in the mornings or nights.

It’s all the time… I feel I just want to have my coffee in bed and read a book under the blanket.


Thursday is a cooking day… so much fun, I better start working on it.

Stay warm!

Day #51 – Lockdown

Today was mainly a school-assistance-day which I’m happy to do.

Then I got happy again, listening to the Premier who announced on-site schooling will resume next month! I could be happier if they could have gone to school tomorrow, but now that we know the plan we can work towards it. Days go by very quickly…

Today I wasn’t planning to make dinner, somebody else’s turn… but it seemed no one wanted to take the lead on this, so I asked my daughter if she wants to make dinner and she answered yes.

Ok. Great. Fantastic. It means I can relax.

Dinner time is getting closer and my daughter isn’t preparing any dinner. Weird. I went to check on her, saw her hiding something. “What are you doing? Come and make dinner. It’s time to eat”. She said “I’m coming”…
I already made the salad. What are you making? I asked.

Then, there was a knock on the door.
I wasn’t expecting anyone…

My daughter jumped happily. “Dinner is here!”, she said.
That was a delivery guy, with our dinner for the whole family, which she paid in cash, from her own savings!

I was shocked.
I was standing there, with a happy tear in my eye. I couldn’t believe it.

Such a beautiful, caring and big hearted child I’ve got.
All of a sudden, I knew we did something right as parents.
One moment of nachas in this chaos.

Ps: I told her I’m proud of her courage to do things like that, but that she’s not supposed to pay for our food from her savings. It’s supposed to be hers.

Day #50 – Lockdown

Woke up to another day, couldn’t tell what day it is today…
I looked at my phone. Oh, damn! It’s Monday again.

After 50 days you would expect that at some point you’ll get used to this… but nay, not happening.

This lack of freedom, is very depressing.

Had my coffee, had a quick look at the fridge that was nearly empty and screaming for help…
I couldn’t resist it, so I went out for shopping again.

Came back & made a yummy zucchini soup and some couscous with meatballs in a red sauce for lunch.

Then finally the Premier of Victoria announced the Government’s steps for lifting the lockdown, which made me more frustrated than I was before.

Because 5 people in my house is OK, good start, although not enough.
Outside gathering of 10 people is allowed, but for sport activities only, not for picnic purposes.
Footy training is back on track, really?! when they’re all sweating and spitting on each other or using the same ball, this is allowed.

So weird, seems like sports is fine in any form. But all the rest is not. I just want to get out of the house to meet friends, sit for a coffee, I miss society, I don’t miss sport!

Yes I am aware of all the issues… we can be careful, but please let us enjoy something…
This is my 50th day of isolation, I think I’m over it now.

I think having 10 people for a friendly catch-up or a picnic outside can be a lifesaver if you care about our metal health. Let us out!!!

Day #49 – Lockdown

I woke up early but stayed in bed a bit. Then all of a sudden my daughter came into the room with a super-special-mother’s-day-breakfast. Wowww.

There was coffee in my new cup. There was french toast and veggies.
Such a fantastic surprise.

When I finished she brought pancakes and maple syrup.
OMG I was so full.
I was definitely spoiled.

Then the boys brought a card and a present.
For a moment it felt very special.

Then my daughter decided to practice with the keyboard. After that, we sat outside in the sun listening to music.

Later on the day was normal-chores-day, washing, making lunch and dinner.

In the meantime my daughter decided to do some art & craft with yarn and was looking into redesigning her phone case. It was quiet for a very long time (I was happy about it…)
It took her few hours to finish, and it came out amazing!

Day #47-48 – Lockdown

Although it was Friday, I took the day off to rest… No cooking. No Cleaning. Just helping school assignments and talking to family and friends.

After Friday night dinner, we played a bit of Sushi Game Party which is so much fun.

Shabbat morning we all slept in. it was a rainy night and a rainy day…

When I woke up it was 9am. I had my coffee with a fabulous Yeast Babka I made and enjoyed every bite.

Then I started working on our puzzle just for a little while. My daughter then woke up and the boys didn’t, so in the mean time my daugher and I played with kinetic sand. We built The Great Wall of China which filled our living room with heaps of sand, but at least we had fun. At lunch everyone loved the different food I made. That was a fantastic surprise.

Then we went back to the puzzle, my daughter built a tent in the other living room, then played some checkers and the boys played chess. The kids played funny games until they wanted to kill each other and I felt like I need to go on a holiday… by myself.