Day #57

Today , I dared to look at the calendar, after a while that I was going with flow of this pandemic and it’s consequences.
I was in total shock to see that Shavuot is actually next week.
Normally, I’m so organised. Not this time though…
To digest the shock, I went for a walk around the block. It helped me to think quickly and enjoy the sun.

I want you to understand, this is the best Chag on earth.
I just LOVE dairy products, all kinds of cheese, and cream, and cheesecake. Omg just heaven. The problem is that I’m not allowed to eat it so much due to lactose intolerance but once a year I’m going wild, for me., there’s a price that comes with it. But once a year I just eat it all. And enjoy it.

So, after i realized my favourite holiday is coming so fast,and I’m not ready for it… I sat down to search up what I’m going to cook this year.

It must be Different. Unique &Exciting.
It’s already is very exciting.
I didn’t finalized the menu yet, But at least I started…

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