Day #58

Sometimes I think my kids are the most fussy kids on Earth when it comes to what they eat.

My son, since he was a baby, never ate potatoes at all unless it’s chips.

For years, both my kids loved chicken soup. We learned to live with it. He would always leave the potato in the bowl and eat all the rest. Fair enough…

Two years ago he started to love minestrone soup in a way he eats all the vegetables including the potatoes… which is very interesting, because he can’t be bothered to “fish” the potatoes, but my daughter can’t stand it, she would eat other soups.

Yesterday we finished a big pot of minestrone soup so I decided to refresh our menu a bit… I made tomatoes soup with rice, similar colours (btw my son loves rice, my daughter won’t touch it). That’s how I cook, always 2 kinds of sides, 2 options, one for him and one for her.

And I also made a chicken soup, just in case…

To my surprise, my son didn’t even try the new soup. My daughter played safe with the chicken soup. Only the adults loved it. Its delicious!

I think being in isolation made the food a bigger issue than what it should be, because we are at home, and all we think about is eating… (I won’t even bother you with stories about meat.)

I think I’m ready to make lunch box again.
Maybe I should start practicing…

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