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Lockdown 2 – Day #29

Another Thursday. Unbelievable.
Another cooking-cleaning day during school assignments day.
Nothing too exciting…

At Midday, I saw a bit of sun coming out so I took my lunch (spaghetti bolognese) with me to get some sun. It was nice and warm for maybe 10 minutes.

The day Stage 4 started, I decided to get a haircut.
Unfortunately, I was late for that.
It’s been a few days since then and every time I look at the mirror I’m horrified by my too-long hair.

Today, when school was over, I asked my daughter to cut my hair.
She was shocked I’m trusting her, but she liked the idea.
She started cutting and I was nervous at first, but I could see she can handle it. I gave her the feeling she can do this. Worst case scenario, it will grow by the time we’ll finish this lockdown.

It was her first time doing such a thing and she did very a good job.

Then, she wanted me to cut her hair. She had a long hair, but full of knots…
I cut 5 cm, then she wanted another 5cm, then another 5cm…
Then I decided to stop before it’s too late and it would end up with tears.

Well, she was so happy with her haircut. She just loved it!!!

I was very happy it worked out well.

Now she’s considering working as a hairdresser 🙂

Lockdown 2 – Day #28

We are very lucky that in these weird and dark times we can still celebrate together, online.

Don’t get me wrong, I hate Zoom. I preferred to celebrate together. But at the moment it’s impossible.
So Zoom is actually the best way nowadays to communicate with a lot of people. It helps us connect as a family, a little bit more…

Today’s highlight was my ‘little’ brother’s birthday. We scheduled to meet the whole family on Zoom in order to celebrate.

Everybody was there.

I made him a PowerPoint slide with photos I found on my computer, and with assistance from hubby, who’s our tech guy, I added music to it & screen-shared it on zoom.

Searching for photos of him on my computer was a time consuming task. There are thousands of photos if not more… and I found photos since he was born until recent years, throughout his visit to Australia.

The outcome was fantastic. He so was surprised!

Even my daughter made him a special cupcake.

My nana was very emotional to see all of that…

Then 2 hours later he received a bouquet of flowers made of balloons.
With some greetings from us.
He wasn’t expecting that.

Just a little ray of light to brighten his day…

Lockdown 2 – Day #27

It was very cold today. I didn’t miss the cold weather…

I helped to do some school assignments, a bit of cleaning, washing etc. It was just another day… one of those days that feel like groundhog day.  A repetition of the same day until you change something. I couldn’t think of something to change, besides the fact that I shouldn’t stand in the kitchen to cook again.

But I had to make chicken soup to get us warm, in addition to some homemade burgers with all the veggies included. It was delicious!

Then, it hit me… I know what we need to do for dinner.

Aligned with everyone’s request, we ordered takeaway, some yummy pasta!
Which means I made a change. I don’t think it means the nightmare we are living in (lockdown) will be over… but it means there’s always something to be grateful for, and there’s always something to look forward to…

We have nothing to complain about because we are living in a golden cage.

Lockdown 2 – Day #26

I woke up too early… I knew I needed more sleep but I wanted to sort a few things out before school drop off.

I was looking for a present to send my best friend, the one who just had her first baby.


I wanted it to be a surprise, so she’ll get it while she’s still in the hospital.
She knows I’m a bit crazy… But it’s not every day that your friend, one who you know from upper kinder, brings a baby to the world.
Started at upper kinder, then went together to primary school, then to secondary school… kept in touch all those years since.
We lived in a small town between Petah Tiqva and Ramat Gan, yes it is Bnei Braq, not the very frum side… the Mizrachi side.

We went to primary school, 2 streets away to the left of our homes. Went to secondary school 2 streets away to the right of our homes.

We went through a lot together, sneaking out from school, taking driving lessons, studying to bagrut (like VCE), going to Bnei Akiva, listening to music, walking around the hood.

We had good times.

Anyway, the present arrived and was appreciated like I wanted.

For dinner, my daughter kicked me out of the kitchen again!

I love when she’s doing that.

She’s so smart, she knows exactly what we like to eat and how to make it.

Today’s menu was fabulous.

Rice paper rolls with avocado, capsicum & cucumber, with sweet chili sauce.
Fried eggplant with mayo decorations.
Sourdough baguette with Schug (spicy) boiled egg and veggies.

For dessert, we had pancakes in the oven with berries & banana.
So yummmmm!

This was the highlight of the day!

Lockdown 2 – Day #25

Today was such a good day… but also a very bad one.
You probably think I’m going bananas… Well, I am but not in the same way you think.
It was just like a roller-coaster day of emotions:

I opened up my eyes this morning at 7 am to know that my childhood friend just had a baby! Wowww!
We’ve been waiting for this any day now, and it finally happened.
I was in tears of excitement when I heard the news.
What a way to start the week!

Then it was a boring Sunday with piles of washing…
At 2 pm the premiere announced stage 4 lockdown will start, with some more tough restrictions.
OMG! Not again!
If I had the slightest hope that everything will be over by Rosh Hashanah (the new Jewish year) there’s no chance it’s going to happen.
Such a bummer. I’m sick of this situation…

Then, later on, my mum received the present we sent her.
A few days later than expected but, it was definitely worth it.
It’s an explosion box.
You open one box and 4 pictures open up. You open another lid and another 4 photos open up…again. and again.
It’s stunning!
She wasn’t expecting anything, so the surprise effect was definitely there.
With her loved ones and new photos she never saw before.
And some chocolates.

She deserved it!

Lockdown 2 – Days #23-#24

Friday was cooking day at full speed. I managed to do everything I wanted including sitting in the sun and catch up with some few old friends on the phone.
I was very happy had a chance to do it.

Then while setting up Shabbat candles a few minutes before Shabbat, a thought came to my mind… hey, what about the puzzle I ordered 2 weeks ago? I had received an email saying it was despatched 5 days ago… I didn’t finish that thought and the doorbell rang. It was the postie who brought the puzzle.

Just on time!

We started it on Friday, straight away. Did the puzzle in the morning & afternoon.
Indeed some progress…

After Shabbat, we were watching a nice Australian movie “Top End Wedding” that was mainly about the importance of family.

Made me feel how much I miss my family…

Especially on birthdays season.