Lockdown 2 – Day #29

Another Thursday. Unbelievable.
Another cooking-cleaning day during school assignments day.
Nothing too exciting…

At Midday, I saw a bit of sun coming out so I took my lunch (spaghetti bolognese) with me to get some sun. It was nice and warm for maybe 10 minutes.

The day Stage 4 started, I decided to get a haircut.
Unfortunately, I was late for that.
It’s been a few days since then and every time I look at the mirror I’m horrified by my too-long hair.

Today, when school was over, I asked my daughter to cut my hair.
She was shocked I’m trusting her, but she liked the idea.
She started cutting and I was nervous at first, but I could see she can handle it. I gave her the feeling she can do this. Worst case scenario, it will grow by the time we’ll finish this lockdown.

It was her first time doing such a thing and she did very a good job.

Then, she wanted me to cut her hair. She had a long hair, but full of knots…
I cut 5 cm, then she wanted another 5cm, then another 5cm…
Then I decided to stop before it’s too late and it would end up with tears.

Well, she was so happy with her haircut. She just loved it!!!

I was very happy it worked out well.

Now she’s considering working as a hairdresser 🙂

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