Lockdown 2 – Days #30-#31

Friday was normal.
Went shopping for Shabbat.
Did some catching up with family and friends over the phone.

Lucky we can rest over the weekend.

Most of the time we worked on the jigsaw puzzle, while singing some of our favourite old-time-sake songs. We played some arcade basketball and Spot It.

We also did some Hebrew reading, which is rare. Although it’s really important to maintain another language, the kids don’t open up for it easily (I guess they were that bored …)
We read a book that I had received from my late auntie. It’s called ‘The Soul Bird’. It’s a children’s book that explains what’s in our soul. Despite being a children’s boo,k I find it fascinating for adults as well. Especially these days when we are all at home, sometimes happy and sometimes sad, sometimes our soul bird opens up the impatience drawer without wanting and we get impatient … we can all relate to that… sometimes the bird opens up the talking drawer and you just can’t stop talking.

I’m very familiar with that.

Sometimes you are feeling loved, sometimes you are lonely.
Most important thing is to listen to our soul bird…

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