Lockdown 2 – Day #47

Today the sun came out for a sneak peek. So I found myself going out to the back yard and enjoying some fruit juice, just a little boost to the immune system in addition to the sun’s vitamin D.

For most of the day I was participating in Italian class, taking notes. I love languages.
My mother toungue is Hebrew, not an easy one.
Then came English at school and a lot of it in Uni.
Well, the byproduct of comparative literature studies…

Then, I learned some Spanish while watching a lot of TV, when I was breastfeeding.
It was a very awkward way to learn, but very useful nevertheless.
But I Never came across Italian. So it’s actually nice to learn a new language.

In order to be a polyglot (=one who speaks many languages) all you need is to listen. If you enjoy the listening you can easily learn.

I watched some fascinating YouTube videos and TED talks about polyglots.
It’s inspiring!

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