Lockdown 2 – Day #48

I woke up late today, didn’t feel like going out of bed, but since I don’t have much of a choice… I tried to roll the kids out of bed.

My daughter’s school day was very interesting today.
It had a lot of creativity in the assignments.
Each year, school creates a production. But since we’re at home, in lockdown, the production will be showing what isolation is for us.

Last few weeks we created some scripts. Today, she had to create a sound track that reflects isolation. She shared her task with me and it made us think a bit about our feelings ans what sounds we hear that will help the viewers of the production understand how it feels…

We decided to start with lorikeet sounds like we hear every morning.
Then we added the sound of clock ticking, a car driving, and rain.
I think that’s actually self explanatory of the way we feel about isolation.

A very productive session.

After school was over, we realised our new art project has just arrived and was waiting out the door.

I ordered it when we just got into Stage 4 lockdown, suspecting it will help us “kill” some time. It’s called Paint by Numbers Art Kit.

It’s literally art therapy. We ordered 3 kits, 3 beautiful, totally different pictures.

We decided to start working on it straight away… my daughter started with hubby, then he had to go back to work, so I started mine…

We were concentrating so hard that time flew… after about 2 hours we had to stop and stretch up, but it already looks amazing.
Very therapeutic & satisfying.

The picture is big, the numbers are tiny, unlike what we did when she was at kinder, this one is harder. You have to concentrate to fill in the correct spaces with the correct paint using the correct brush.
I found myself concentrating very hard that I couldn’t even sing or talk.
But it means that my mind actually went blank.
Thinking of nothing but the edges of the area I’m painting.

I felt so relaxed after we finished.

I can’t wait to continue it tomorrow.

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