Lockdown 2 – Day #49


3 weeks left … ahhhhhh…

3 weeks till the end of the second lockdown, 3.5 weeks to Rosh Hashanah.

I don’t know what I want more… this lockdown or a new Jewish year to restart… we deserve a better year… a sweet year, not bitter like we had until now…

Today I got to this realisation that I’m not ready enough, at least for Yom Tov…
But I am VERY READY to finish this lockdown.

Look, we can all agree that we need to learn to live with remote learning and even with a mask, but please bring back the option to see other people, friends, family.

We are social creatures, we need that company.

At least for the holidays…

Another thing that shocked me today was the fact that a lot of countries opened their skies, which means they started letting people to travel in and out of these countries.
Places like Japan, Greece, Germany etc. They do it carefully, they use saliva tests (PCR) in the airport, and people get results within an hour. If they’re covid free, they can fly.


Because this covid is about to stay around for some time.

Why doesn’t Australia do saliva testing and let us all go on holidays?

Why do we insist to refuse to learn how live with it?!

After I released the steam, I can relax again…

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