COVID-19 Lockdown

DAY #1

In the past few weeks, we couldn’t avoid talking about what’s going on around the world with this virus that drives everyone NUTS.

Literally, you can see everybody’s shopping like it’s the end of the worlds’ coming.

Well, in some ways it is… Last time our plant survived such a thing was with the Spanish flu, which occurred nearly a hundred years ago. Although not one of us is familiar with the situation… We better manage it a bit better than excessive shopping.

For us, Time stopped!

Today is the first day of LOCKDOWN, indeed it sounds scary, but we always need to look at the bright side (China got over this virus by lockdown only)

We can do a lot of things we wanted to do and didn’t have time… like playing with our kids, doing some puzzles ( we need to finish 6000 pcs puzzle we started before Rosh Hashana) We’ll get there soon…

We can teach our kids practical life skills that school isn’t teaching them, like Doing the washing, some dishes, cooking, taking part of very other chores you think will be good for them to learn, you can do some art, different kind of art you never did before, waste-art, you can do some Sodoku, etc.

You can watch some movies with the kids that they always wanted to watch with you, and you never had the time.

Don’t forget to exercise with the kids, some competitions between the kids will do the job.

Cherish this time with your kids it’s something they will remember forever.

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